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Environmentally Friendly

In the rising of global environmental awareness, we Borhan contributed our services for a better future through the environmentally friendly production: the PLA biodegradable and compostable straw certified by the global institute. Cooperating with the government, we could provide the products dedicated for a cleaner earth.
About PLA:Environmentally Friendly About PLA:Environmentally Friendly
  • 1The decomposition environment for biodegradable and compostable products contains 3 major elements:

    ① High temperature (58-70°C)② High humidity (60-70%)③ Microorganism

  • 2Under the composting environment, since the products have different sizes and thickness, how many days do they need for the decomposition in average?

    90~180 days.

  • 3How does the decomposition work?

    Under the composting environment, the PLA material will be decomposed into lactic acid. After the polymer is fully decomposed, lactic acid will be consumed and transformed into water and carbon dioxide by the bacteria.

    About PLA:How does the decomposition work